P&A - When I see you smile.


This we got from You Tube! A very nice single. Beneeth is the You Tube description. This is the new single for the producers duo P&A. They already did productions in the mid 90's for the dutch record compagny MOKUM. MOKUM was famous for her hardcore music. P&A where the creative minds behind Back2Bass and United Creations. There (hit)singles where - i wanna be with you - The beating of my heart and Tell me. NOW there back! Together they are P&A. There new single is When i see you smile. I made a video becase there isn't one yet. In the video you see jumping schoolkids that realy got jumping when they heard the new P&A single. Got to be a number one hit when kids get dancing. Nothing as honest as kids. Enjoy my home video! I got the musicfile from Hyves. This, I think must be heard. Pass it through! Let's give this song a hand.